Singer-Songwriter SusanJoy was born into a family with a musical history, she heard love songs composed by her grandfather at his favorite piano, and the stories of vaudeville-performing relatives from early years. “My Dad still says “Show biz doesn’t run in this family, it gallops!” she laughs. Naturally, SusanJoy evolved into a professional writer and performer.

SusanJoy sang before she talked, literally. From toddler to teen, she wore down the family carpet dancing and singing along to jazz, pop, country, Broadway and American Songbook tunes. Next, she was playing violin in the orchestra, followed by piano and guitar. SusanJoy also began short story writing, songwriting, poetic writing, singing and performing at a very early age. She received local awards and accolades as a teen.

She majored in Communication Arts at Villanova University. As a young adult, she worked in local businesses, and lost touch with music. But, in 1999, she began, steadily and passionately, to songwrite and perform.

“I write and perform because I am moved to. I MUST. It’s like the need to breathe or drink water. It’s natural to me, and it soothes.”

Excited by the thrill and ease of touching hearts through songs, SusanJoy chose to record in 2003. She delivers her debut CD, titled, TurnAround, in May 2005.

SusanJoy’s music is adventurous and eclectic. She describes it lovingly as Chill Folk Rock. Although people often tell her, “you remind me of…somebody…”, SusanJoy is an original.

As a Songwriter and Performing Artist she admires: Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, the Gershwins.

Music is a process she enjoys: “ A song is born in the imagination. And, a song is the quintessential Short Short-Story. Once written, the story takes on a life of it’s own. It wants to be told, to be performed. I find my work is to serve the story. And then the next song is born in the songwriting process, and here we go again…., ” She laughs.

When describing the essence of TurnAround, SusanJoy says: “These are relationship songs, feeling songs, on subjects that make a difference. I hope people have as much fun listening and singing along, as I had writing and performing them.”

TurnAround can be purchased at For more details on her meditation CD, Pure Bliss, released in 2003, write SusanJoy at


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