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"TurnAround" is the debut CD written and created by Singer Songwriter, SusanJoy Grieco. The CD features an eclectic mix of musical styles. And as the title suggests, these are songs about the choice's we have in life: the opportunity to "TurnAround" and make the best of every relationship, every situation. These are life stories about love and laughter, love and disappointment, love and ecstasy.

Faith, Hope and Joy... that is the essence of "TurnAround."

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FUN FACTS .... The Story Behind the Songs ...:
~ "LOVERBOY" was written after a visit to Nashville's Bluebird Cafe. SusanJoy penned this in the cab, on the way to the airport! The romantic incidents depicted in "Loverboy" are based a true story. That celebrity couple did marry ... and are still lovers today. I recently wrote the follow-up song to that. XXOO

~ "FRICASSEE SHUFFLE" was inspired by my noisy pet cockatiel, a tiny but vocal bird who I adored ! The phrase "Fricassee Shuffle" came to mind while the bird and I were "talking." She would shuffle in her cage... Anyhoo, first come the title... then this whole story just occured to me, like a movie in full detail. I love the characters in that song, I see them in full detail. It is such a cool story because it has memories of good times with good friends over the years, all rolled into one. XXOO

~ "THE AIR" is a soaring tribute to the love and support of my friends and family. I feel high whenever I sing that song. The first time I sang it in public, the audience jumped to their feet and started howling. It TOTALLY startled me. I felt overwhelmed with joy. XXOO

~ "HE SAID, SHE SAID" was written in New York City, at Washington Square Park ... because of a couple that were arguing next to my seat on the concrete. It was too good to pass up. I don't know if they ever married. I kind doubt it. Maybe I'll write the follow-up song to that. XXOO

MINI-BIO ...Singer-Songwriter SusanJoy Grieco plays piano, guitar and "air drums." She is a prolific songwriter for the sheer pleasure of writing. Also, SusanJoy enjoys the intense fun of studio recording with other tuned-in musicians. The debut CD "TurnAround" was released in 2005. Check the schedule for live performances.

FINAL WORDS The fun of songwriting IS the sweet surrender to the muse, to the BEing. That's enough for me, to receive the spirit of inspiration.

Bliss-ings to you all, with love, SusanJoy

ABOUT COPYRIGHT: Copyright SusanJoy Grieco All of SusanJoy's songs are Copyright Protected and Copyright Registered with the US Library of Congress. BMI Registered.

1 Loverboy
2 The Air
3 Fricassee Shuffle
5 Love Sensation
4 He Said, She Said  
6 The Bee Believes
7 Waiting (For us to Open)  
8 He's Here  
9 Perhaps (It Seems)  

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Copyright © SusanJoy Grieco